Cool Browser

App for browsing downloading, and sharing Facebook and YouTube videos


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  • Category Utilities
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.1
  • Size 5 MB
  • Works under: Android
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  • Program by Cool Browser

Cool Browser is an Android web browser that emphasizes fast speeds and a small footprint above all else.

The focus with Cool Browser is to have a browser that searches the Web and retrieves webpages fast and take up as little space as possible on your device. This is something that this browser does quite well. It has a small footprint, offers a fast and streamlined approach to searching and retrieves webpages fast. There are also options to minimize data usage as much as possible.

The user interface is minimalistic but still attractive, modern and highly functional. This browser isn’t packed with features, which is a design decision. Basic features, such as the ability to favorite a website, are there but not much else. Even interacting with a service like YouTube may not be possible or at least a lot more limited here than with most other modern Android browsers. It’s worth noting that there’s also no way to extend the browser. Therefore, if there’s a feature you want but isn’t there, you just have to do without or use another browser instead.

When it comes to web browsers, “best” is pretty subjective. We all have different likes and dislikes, so try Cool Browser and see how it works for you. If there’s an issue with Cool Browser, it’s that it doesn’t do enough to set itself apart. Lightweight browsers aren’t as much of a focus now that phones have gotten so powerful, and Chrome and the like can all be customized for fast browsing experiences that minimize data usage.


  • A feature-light browsing experience
  • An alternative to the big names
  • Fast browsing and search


  • May not distinguish itself enough